A newsletter, covering the villages of Anstey, Brent Pelham and Meesden, is published bi-monthly. There’s a link to the latest edition on the Home page. There’s also a weekly email which provides more up-to-date info regarding events in the parish. If you wish to subscribe to this please email

Village Link

Village Link meets on the first Tuesday of the month at Meesden Village hall at 7-30 to 9-30pm. The group consists of ladies from all walks of life from villages such as Anstey, Meesden,  Nuthampstead,  Brent Pelham and Hormead. Throughout the year we have a range of excellent speakers, covering a wide variety of topics, plus occasional …

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Anstey Fair

The annual Anstey village fair will be held on Sunday 14th July 2019 from 1-5pm raising funds for St Georges church, village hall and village school. See for more details

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Village Hall Events 2019/20

FOREVER ACTIVE FOREVER ACTIVE EXERCISE CLASSES AT ANSTEY VILLAGE HALL SPORTS AND EXERCISE CLASSES AT ANSTEY VILLAGE HALL Please see the revised schedule below for times and fees for our classes, which are open to all age groups (NB some timings have changed): There are weekly sessions as follows: Mondays Dance Fit – 5.30pm – …

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Village daffodils

The village has sprung to life with a host of golden daffodils – thanks to Wendy Hillier and helpers who worked hard to plant the bulbs last year.

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DuBoulay Jubilee Oaks

This row of 6 oaks was planted just below Anstey House in celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee and also the du’Boulays who were resident in Anstey for many years and who moved away in 2012. The du’Boulays hosted the Annual Village Fair for many years and Sir Roger worked diligently in keeping St George’s …

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