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Neighbourhood Covid-19 help scheme

Neighbourhood Covid-19 help scheme.

Many villagers in Anstey feel that they would like to help anyone in our community who, during the Covid-19 epidemic, requires assistance in getting groceries, medicines or anything else that they may require if they either have to self-isolate or are forced to do so.

Adrian Cossor has offered to act as coordinator and he can be contacted on:

01763 848479 or

Would anyone who would like to help please contact Adrian if you have not already done so.

If you are unfortunate enough to have to isolate yourself or your household, we suggest that you inform Adrian initially and then ring or email him first thing each morning and again late afternoon so we can monitor your welfare and react if necessary.

If you are not already registered to use the Anstey Link and you are able to, then you can with

By registering you can share thoughts, keep in touch within the village, arrange to share jigsaw puzzles etc. Adrian has told me that he has plenty of books, and also some DVDs, stored for the Anstey Fair should anyone want any.

Many thanks, please keep healthy and we wish you the very best in this difficult time to come.


Anstey Parish Council.